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About Us

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About KRYZ

KRYZ Mariposa Community Radio is a non-profit independent radio station dedicated to supporting, informing and entertaining the Mariposa and surrounding community.

Besides excellent music, programming also includes local content, matters of public interest, events announcements as well as broadcasting of local events, including Live coverage, Public Service Announcements, and more. KRYZ Radio is also working with local agencies to be able to better provide the community with updated information during hazardous conditions or emergencies.

KRYZ is continually evolving and growing. New shows and programs are being added all the time, as members of the community are expressing and sharing their interests in music and the arts, news and current events, poetry, health, cooking, social causes, and more.

KRYZ can be listened to anywhere and on any device, via streaming audio player, which can be found on the KRYZ website and Facebook page. KRYZ also streams via phone app, a link to which can be found on our website.

In and around Mariposa, KRYZ also transmits at 98.5 on low power FM, but has limited reach. KRYZ would like to be able to extend that reach to community members in the outlying areas, and is working toward that goal.

There are many ways you can participate to support KRYZ! You can tune in and listen. You can become a member. Many of our listeners are also members who support the station through membership. You can become a DJ and host your own show. If you appreciate a particular program, you can become a sponsor. Like other local businesses and organizations who support and believe in us, you can become one of our underwriters. You can play our station in your office or workplace. Many local businesses are playing our station! Or you can become a volunteer, we are always in need of volunteers. All levels of participation are appreciated.

KRYZ offers many great benefits, and provides a great service to the community. We hope you will join us and support KRYZ Mariposa Community Radio.


Our History

 KRYSRadio was an idea that was presented by Patrick Scott Edwards to The Chrysalis Institute board in October of 2012. The board unanimously voted for the creation of the KRYS Radio Project. Shortly after Rachel Oliver, a founding member of The Chrysalis, organized a benefit dinner where we raised enough funds to start the project.

Kevin Bowman and Tom Pimentel, both members of The Chrysalis, put together the technical aspects of an Internet Radio Station and soon we were up and running.

When we received our FCC Construction permit, we chose the call-sign of KRYZ-LP since KRYS was already in use. So in keeping consistent with our official call-sign KRYZ-LP we changed our internet radio from to

January 1st, 2015, we went live on the air from our first studio which was located in the Off-Line Solar building in Mariposa Ca. donated to us by Brooke and Karen Hanner. A while later we moved to a studio located on 7th St. in Mariposa. 

On January 27, 2016, we formed the non profit organization - Mariposa Community Radio to host KRYZ-LPFM 98.5 and started the process of transferring ownership from the Chrysalis Institute to the Mariposa Community Radio organization. Because of the original requirements of starting a low-power FM radio station, we had to wait to transfer until our original license expired which took 5 years. In May of 2023 we successfully transferred ownership to the Mariposa Community Radio organization.

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